What are Some of Our Favorite Dishes?

What are Some of Our Favorite Dishes?

If you find yourself looking for tasty food, David’s Catfish is the place to go. Originally based in Waynesboro, Mississippi, the restaurant has now expanded to several locations throughout Alabama. There is even a location in Pensacola, Florida. One of the things that set this restaurant apart from others is that everything is prepared fresh in-house daily. Now, you might be wondering: what are the best dishes to try here? The menu has several excellent dishes, and there is always something enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Famous Catfish

As shown by the name, the catfish is by far the most popular menu item. You can get the catfish in either a one, two or three-piece file or whole. Each order of catfish comes with coleslaw and hushpuppies, and you have the option of also getting either cheese grits, fries or turnips as a second side. Additionally, there is an option for all-you-can-eat catfish. This is perfect, especially if you choose to eat with your entire family.

Lunch and Dinner Options

Like most other restaurants, David’s Catfish has separate lunch and dinner menus, both with a plethora of options. One of the more popular items on the lunch menu is the fried popcorn shrimp basket. This is essentially the same as the catfish basket in terms of the sides that it comes with. Salads are also available at any time during the day, and these are popular because the ingredients are of the highest quality, and the salads are prepared fresh every single day. If you are a sandwich person, there are 5 different ones you can choose from. 

On the dinner menu, the most popular and favorite among David’s Catfish customers is the seafood platter. This dish comes with crab, catfish, shrimp, and onion rings. This allows you to try the different items that the restaurant serves all in one sitting so that you will easily be able to decide what to order the next time you come. If you come from a bigger family, there’s no need to worry because David’s Catfish offers family-sized meals. 

Party Platters

Are you throwing a huge get-together at your house anytime soon? Well, there’s no need to fear, because David’s Catfish is here! David’s Catfish offers different party platters that are each unique and consist of different items. First, you will need to figure out how many people you need to feed. Their small platter feeds 6-9 people, the medium platter feeds 12-15 people and the large platter feeds 16-20 people. Each platter comes with chicken strips, catfish filets, crab claws, boiled shrimp, popcorn shrimp, hushpuppies and coleslaw. 

Kids Menu

David’s Catfish has options for kids also. These are just simple foods, in case the kids do not want to have something from the regular menu. On the kids’ menu, David’s Catfish serves grilled cheese, popcorn shrimp, chicken tenders, burgers and a catfish filet plate.

At David’s Catfish, we believe that there is a dish for everyone! Visit www.davidscatfishhouses.com to find a location near you.