What are Some of Our Favorite Sides?

What are Some of Our Favorite Sides?

When you think of David’s Catfish, some of our classic dishes most likely come to mind. From our perfectly seasoned and fried catfish to our delicious, savory Po’ Boys, there’s no shortage of southern delicacies here. While your mind may be on the main course, we can assure you that our side dishes are no sidekicks. From options like our crispy, fried pickles to our unbeatable coleslaw, you have to try them all!

Just for you, we’ve picked out our favorite sides to make choosing one just a little bit easier next time you visit:


There’s a reason we put this one first on the list. No one beats our coleslaw, and we say that with confidence. Our fan-favorite coleslaw is made from the freshest ingredients possible; it also comes as a side with many of our dishes, or you can get it by itself to enjoy.


At David’s Catfish, our french fries are more than just a simple side item to add to your meal. These perfectly cooked, crispy fries are deliciously crafted with just the right amount of seasoning to keep you hooked. Get some today with your meal, you won’t regret it!


Another classic Southern-inspired side is our delicious hushpuppies. These juicy, crispy hushpuppies are slightly sweet and incredibly savory, with a bold and unique flavor you’ll be craving for weeks to come. Add these perfectly breaded bites to your meal next time you visit!

Cheese Grits

Yet another classic, Southern dish, our cheese grits cannot be beaten. With the cooler months creeping their way in, a warm bowl of cheese grits is sure to hit the spot. 


For a healthier–and equally as delicious–side, try our fresh turnips! These greens are sure to keep you feeling energized and satisfied all day long.


Don’t forget to try our delicious add-ons! These include items like our salad, onion rings, stuffed crab, french fries and hushpuppies. 

So, the next time you stop by David’s Catfish, don’t be a stranger. Order some delicious food and sit down for a while. Visit www.davidscatfishhouses.com to learn more.