How to Get Our Catfish Delivered

How to Get Our Catfish Delivered

From our beautiful landscapes to our year-round beach weather, living in the south has its fair share of advantages. One of the most recognized benefits of living near the Gulf of Mexico is all of the delicious seafood that we have to offer. At David’s Catfish, we work on sharing the taste of the south with everyone around us through our unbeatable flavors and deals. We recommend coming in for a delicious meal, soaking in the atmosphere and Southern charm our team members have to offer. Sometimes, though, all you wanna do is sit at home and enjoy some authentic seafood – and, lucky for you, we deliver!

The first step to having your favorite food delivered just for you is to visit our website at From there, you will see a banner at the top of the site that says ‘Order Online’. (Alternatively, you can visit Once you are on our ordering page, you will be prompted to choose a location. You have the option of ordering from either our Spanish Fort or our Daphne locations. Decide which location makes the most sense for you and order all your favorites from the comfort of your home!

When ordering for delivery, you will need to enter your address after you have decided what delicious items you want. Once you have entered your payment information, you can relax and wait while your favorite items are brought right to your door!

One important thing to remember when you’re planning on having your food delivered from David’s Catfish is that we can offer two options when it comes to timing. When ordering online, you have the option to choose between ‘ASAP’ or ‘Schedule an Order’. This means that if you have a fun event, family get-together or any other occasion, you can have your food ready and planned ahead… Days in advance! We hope you’ll keep this in mind for future events, as the ease of ordering online is made even more convenient with this scheduling option.

Whether you decide to visit us in person, place an order for pickup or have your food delivered, David’s Catfish is here to meet your needs and bring those authentic southern flavors right to you! Order something delicious by visiting us or going to today!