What Can Come With a Catering Order?

What Can Come With a Catering Order?

Hosting is always a great way to impress your guests, especially when it comes to Southern comfort food with a catering service that wows! All the food is made from scratch daily so it saves you time, allowing you to spend it with the ones you love. Every catering order is made with you in mind, meaning we pay attention to approximate food consumption for appropriate party sizes, accommodate platters for any event and customize add-ons or famous sides to your liking. Find out details about what can come with a catering order from David’s Catfish House

Small Party Platter 

Our small party platter feeds 6-9 people and is perfect for a close family gathering, friendsgiving, at home pre-game parties, picnics and other casual events. Small party platters include 25 chicken strips, 12 catfish fillets, ½ lb. of crab claws, ½ lb. of boiled shrimp, ½ lb. of popcorn shrimp, 24 hush puppies and 2 pts.of coleslaw. Simply serve on plastic plates for a to-go meal, or make it fancy and set up glass cutlery for a sit-down dinner. 

Medium Party Platter

Nothing says finger foods more than a medium sized catering order. Medium platters typically feed 12-15 people, thus making it an ideal, well-rounded meal for all to share. With 30 chicken strips, 15 catfish fillets, 1 lb. of crab claws, 1 lb. of boiled shrimp, 1 lb. of popcorn shrimp, 30 hush puppies and 1/2 gal. of coleslaw, you can certainly pack a punch this football season for your tailgate party. Simply make a self-serve station on any table or large surface for an easy grab-and-go rotation. Our fried foods are freshly marinated, battered and breaded for the ultimate flavor and crunch. 

Large Party Platter 

With the holidays coming up, large platters are perfect to feed a large crowd. They feed up to 20 people and come with 35 chicken strips, 20 catfish fillets, 1 lb. of crab claws, 1 lb. of boiled shrimp, 2 lbs. of popcorn shrimp, 40 hush puppies and 1 gal. of coleslaw. As you mingle with coworkers at corporate office parties or enjoy yearly family reunions, there is always room for more to enjoy. 

Accommodations and Add-ons

We understand that with any catering order, you expect to pay for what you get. While all of our platter sizes are built with approximate meal portions, we will happily accommodate and include add-ons to your catering order on any famous sides if you wish to have more options. As a disclaimer, we acknowledge our menu items may contain ingredients that have traces of nuts in the breading and that people who have seafood allergies may be highly sensitive to some meals. 

Plan ahead of time for your next event with one of our three party platters at David’s Catfish House. Our Alabama style seafood is purchased from Alabama’s Seafood Capital in Bayou La Batre. We have multiple locations in the Daphne, Monroeville, Spanish Fort and Thomasville area.