Top 3 Best Dishes for the Fall

Top 3 Best Dishes for the Fall

David’s Catfish Restaurant is a great place to take your family and friends for a fun outing with delicious food. We have something for everyone including daily deals throughout the week. Fried green tomatoes, hamburger steak and crab bisque are just some of our delicious dishes that you can enjoy during your visit at David’s Catfish House this fall!

Fried Green Tomatoes are great fall dishes here at David’s Catfish.

Fried green tomatoes are a popular southern dish. They are made by cutting green tomatoes into thin slices, coating them in cornmeal, and frying them until golden brown. Fried green tomato is served as either an appetizer or a side dish alongside other entrees such as our famous catfish or hush puppies.

Hamburger Steak served with coleslaw, french fries and french bread.

Hamburger steak is a popular dish in the South and is usually served with a side of fries, coleslaw and french bread. The hamburger steak at David’s Catfish House is delicious and comes with a generous portion cooked to perfection. We recommend you try it out when there is a fall chill in the air!

The crab bisque is delicious and makes a good appetizer for your meal.

The crab bisque is delicious and makes a good appetizer for your meal. It’s creamy, rich and has just the right amount of spice that will warm you up on those cool fall days we have here in the South. The flavor is complex but easy to enjoy before you bite into the fried green tomatoes or hamburger steak.

We hope that you’ll try these three delicious meals when you dine with us. We’re looking forward to serving you and showing you why David’s Catfish House is the best place to eat this Fall! Visit to see our full menu.