What if I don’t like seafood?

What if I don't like seafood?

Seafood is not for everyone, which is why we like to get a little creative in the kitchen and offer different menu items everyone can enjoy. We are aware that some customers are allergic to seafood so we strive to take safety measures to ensure everyone has a great experience no matter their food preferences. Although customers mainly dine-in for seafood, there is plenty to explore with our large menu options. 

Steak Dinner Options 

Come in with an appetite and leave our restaurant with a happy belly! Our Angus beef ribeye steak and hamburger steak dinner platters are made from USDA-certified meat. We don’t just stop there! We like to serve it with a ton of side favorites like French fries, green salad, coleslaw or French bread. 

Delightful Sandwiches 

At David’s Catfish House, we know a good sandwich when we see it. We offer a patty melt served on a Texas toast and topped with meat, onions and finger-licking gravy. We also have the classic cheeseburger or grilled cheese melt with fresh green tomato. As always, sides are always included with your choice of coleslaw, hush puppies, French fries, cheesy grits or turnips or a combination of a few. 

Battered Chicken Strips 

Chicken strips aren’t just for kids. Here in the South, we are serious about our chicken strips as they are freshly battered and made to order. Our recipe batter has stayed the same for years and is a crowd favorite from our happy customers. Add onion rings or french fries and be sure to also ask about our Louisiana-style dipping sauces. 

Refreshing Salads 

Seafood is not the only thing that’s fresh here. We source the freshest ingredients seasonally for salad lovers. Crispy toppings and Southern-inspired layers are added to each order. Don’t forget to add your protein intake for the day by adding delicious fried chicken and topping it with creamy dressing. 

Sides Galore 

If any of our main dishes do not sound intriguing, or you are a vegetarian, David’s Catfish House serves the best sides that can be used as a main dish as well. Make it a filling-size bowl by adding your own twist and layering sides such as using coleslaw as the base, hush puppies as a topping and french bread as the side. Our Southern-style cheesy grits make for a great soup and our fried dill pickles are also a must-try for those who have not had David’s before. 

Come on in and dine inside or carry out for Southern seafood and more. Our Alabama-style seafood is purchased from Alabama’s Seafood Capital in Bayou La Batre. We have multiple locations in the Daphne, Monroeville, Spanish Fort and Thomasville area.