Fan Favorites at David’s Catfish House

Fan Favorites at David’s Catfish House

Around the world, there are hundreds of fast food franchises and original locations saturated with the same menu items: burgers, fries, sandwiches and milkshakes. That is why in 1983, David and Sadie Ross decided there needed to be a new take and taste on fast food items for the world to enjoy. They created a delicious selection of unique menu items where flavorful southern flare and fresh seafood meet as one, and over 25 years later, the catfish and cheese grits have been flying out of the kitchen.

 Originally a mom-and-pop shop in Waynesboro, Mississippi… David’s Catfish House is now the top choice lunch and dinner favorites in over 11 cities. The people can not get enough; so much so that for the past two consecutive years, their catfish and cheese grits dish has been named one of the 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die by the Alabama Bureau of Tourism! And rightfully so. Their wonderful and talented staff are proud to serve you in the classic Southern and charming David’s Catfish tradition. Their batters, breadings and mixes are made from scratch daily. Likewise, coleslaw and salads are made with the freshest ingredients available. 

David’s Catfish proudly serves shrimp, crab claws and oysters purchased from Alabama’s seafood capital, Bayou La Batre. Their top-of-the-line steamers and cooking appliances assure you that you will get the best delivery from all this quality food and ingredients. So what are the fan favorites to go and try? We like to go to the experts for this knowledge: the locals.

 Let’s start with the obvious homestyle dish the restaurant is most known for: David’s Famous Catfish! Their extreme attention to detail in ingredients and chef talent makes this delicious to pair with their award-winning cheese grits, french fries or turnips. Also, if there is anything that David’s Catfish House does as good as catfish, it is coleslaw! They have glowing reviews and strong arguments that it is the “best coleslaw in the world.” Even if you will always like your momma’s cooking better, it is a pretty safe bet to give it a try! The fan-favorite is made from the freshest ingredients available and comes as a side, or on its own for you to enjoy! What about appetizers or sides? There is nothing quite like the crunch and flavor of a deep-fried pickle. Their chip-style fried dill pickles are made to order and are definitely a side you will not be disappointed with. David’s Catfish house customers rave over their popcorn shrimp because it is crispy, crunchy, and, boy, it is flavorful! For the true seafood lovers out there, they have the ultimate Seafood Plate, so you can try it all: complete with filet catfish, stuffed crab, shrimp, oysters, boiled shrimp and a hefty serving of onion rings. Can’t go wrong trying the best of the best all at once! The mouthwatering options do not end at the fan favorites, they also serve delicious grilled and boiled dishes, as well fish filet po’boys.

Whether you are a seafood lover or just need a change from the burger joints, David’s Catfish House has locally approved and loved dishes for you and your family and friends! Go to their website and find a location near you today!