Does David’s Catfish House Cater?

Does David’s Catfish House Cater?

David’s Catfish House is a staple option when looking for delicious seafood along the Gulf Coast. If you’re craving authentic southern comfort food like coleslaw and boiled shrimp, David’s is the place to be! Whether you choose to dine in or carry out your meal, you’re sure to leave satisfied and craving more for weeks to come. What about those large family gatherings and events, though? Is there an option to have David’s cater your next birthday bash or wedding shower? Absolutely! With David’s Catfish, the choices are endless.

Small Party Platters

If you’re looking to host a small get-together with around 6-9 people, we recommend our small platter. This option is perfect for larger families, birthday parties and any other small event you may have planned. Our small party platter comes with 25 chicken strips, 12 catfish filets, ½ lb. crab claws, ½ lb. boiled shrimp, ½ lb. popcorn shrimp, 24 hushpuppies and 2 pt. of coleslaw. Next time you have a small gathering, consider getting a David’s platter to go!

Medium Party Platters

For those get-togethers of around 12-15 people, our medium party platters are the perfect option. Whether you have a pre-game party, wedding shower or church gathering, this platter will be more than enough for everyone to enjoy. We offer a platter with 30 chicken strips, 15 catfish filets, 1 lb. crab claws, 1 lb. boiled shrimp, 1 lb. popcorn shrimp, 30 hushpuppies and ½  gal. of coleslaw. If you’re looking for a meal to serve your next group get-together, give David’s a try!

Large Party Platters

Our large party platters are perfect for feeding a small crowd of around 16-20 people. If you have a large group get-together coming up, such as a baby shower, dinner reception, church event or any other reason, consider ordering a large party platter to-go! Our large platters include 35 chicken strips, 20 catfish filets, 1 lb. crab claws, 1 lb. boiled shrimp, 2 lb. popcorn shrimp, 40 hushpuppies and 1 gal. of coleslaw. Your next large gathering deserves delicious, southern seafood from David’s Catfish!

No matter what event you have coming up, whether it’s a group of 6 or a reunion of 20, David’s Catfish has the perfect party platter for you! Order a selection of chicken, catfish, boiled shrimp, popcorn shrimp, hush puppies and coleslaw. Order online at or call us at (251) 930-1252!